Dieless Knife Cutting

Two Atom Flash-Cut Machines

A flexible tool for precision cutting to satisfy any gasket cutting need for a large variety of materials. Perfect to help with quick turn gaskets due to eliminating the need for tooling. Also, this machine is great for long runs due to its large 5ft x 10ft cutting table.

Multicam Machine

A versatile machine capable of cutting plastics with the router as well as precision gasket cutting with the oscillating blade. Perfect for those intricate tight tolerance gaskets.

Precision Die Cutting

We have 5 different die cutting presses which help with versatility. For when the need arises due to tolerances, material, or it just makes more sense for your gasket to be cut with a die we can provide several die-cutting options.

  • Laser die
  • Machined die
  • Handmade die


CNC Machining / Routing

3D Printing

We have two 3d printers which are great for prototyping or part production.


Capable of cutting and crimping various styles of hose up to 2” id 4/6 wire spiral hose.

Laser & Waterjet Cutting


Our laser machine is great to help with versatility allowing us to supply customers with the option of laser part marking and expand our material cutting ability.


Further expands our ability to provide the capability to cut metals as well as thicker/harder rubbers according to customer’s needs.

Additional Capabilities

Here are some of the additional capabilities we offer at Cupps Industrial Supply

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